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You don't always know the right solution for every problem. If you have some business ideas but no appropriate partner for development and implementation, we will certainly be able to assist you. Our formular in this is a careful development, extensive experience and discretion.

Good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people. John Davison Rockefeller
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It often happens in the Internet industry in particular that companies grow very fast. The main focus of a lot of founders of a business is on the procurement of suitable specialists to counteract the possible staff shortage. But it's not unusual that essential parts like work-flow-management and infrastructure suffer from this rapid growth.

We are able to create an objective image of your company and to recognize weakpoints and need for action in a fast way because of our experience which we gained with numerous clients and with ourselves. The kind of your company and the business activities are less important. We analyze the actual state, introduce you to the topic public relations, help with the establishment of a corporate identity and fast and professional advise you on all arising questions, no matter whether they are of economical, legal or technical background.

Crisis & de-escalation management

No matter whether server failure, management problems or negative headlines in the press- the reasons for a crisis can be very diverse. This sort of exceptional situations can pose a risk for your reputation. There are often made hasty decisions in case of need which later emerge as far-reaching.

Prevention is the key you need to keep a clear head and to remain the master of situation in time of crisis. We develop plans with you which prepare you for emergency. If you get into a situation that was unthinkable before, we will uncomplicated and professional help you.

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Markus Görnhardt

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