xirror.com - Germany's first file-spreading-engine

xirror.com - Germany's first file-spreading-engine
  • Start:

    May 2007
  • Terminated:

    June 2008
  • Media data:

    4,635 page impressions a month
    (source: Google Analytics, Nov. 2012)

Germany's first mirror service makes the sharehosting branch hum in spring 2007. The files which were uploaded from the users werde distributed on four sharehoster. The essential advantages compared to the files storage at only one sharehoster were the system stability through the inversion and an almost unlimited storage duration.

The software which was developped by ourselves got the name file-spreading-engine. It processed the upload of almost 3,000,000 files between May 2007 and June 2008. About 75% of all files was uploaded through more than 8,000 registered users.

xirror.com was one of the 5,000 most viewed websites worldwide with more than 2,000 GB traffic and about 100,000 page impressions everyday (source: Alexa Internet Ranking, November 2007). In Germany it was the service sui generis with the most intense utilization and reach.

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