upload.ws - simple one-click-hosting

upload.ws - simple one-click-hosting
  • Start:

    December 2006
  • Terminated:

    October 2010

Upload.ws made waves in the net community because of its innovative and still unique payment at that time at the end of 2006. Upload.ws introduced as the first sharehoster a pre-paid-system on a credit basis instead of monetarizing the premium services as sub. Upload.ws was one of the first freemium services sui generis with it.

This system offered the users the opportunity to pay only for services like secured memory capacity or traffic which they really needed and used.

We completely processed the development of the business model and the necessary software. It was a challenge to connect familiar elements of the sharehosting area with new ideas and to transfer them afterwards.

We already decided in the middle of 2008 to stop the further development of the service because of the surplus of sharhoster. Users haven't been able to upload any files to our servers anymore since the end of 2009. That's why we deleted the last remained files and temporarily stopped the website.

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