Schueler.CC - the community center

Schueler.CC - the community center
  • Start:

    January 2007
  • Terminated:

    December 2013
  • Media data:

    50,509,438 impressions a month
    (source: IVW, November 2013)
  • Operator:

    Community Center GmbH
    (A company of the LOTUM-Group)

The community center for Germany's pupils broke the mold with the "made by yourself"-beginning. It's possible to build several class and school federations next to the familiar opportunity to establish groups for secific themes. The main focus is on the individual virtual copy of the own everyday life at school next to the well-proven functions of the social network area. has experienced a spectacular growth since the start of the project in January 2007. It's meanwhile the second largest social network for pupils with several millions of users.

The whole portal was searched for potential security holes through us and the local employees. We documented founded defects and immediately remedied them.

In further cooperation, our tasks consisted mostly of adapting the administration surface of the community to the team members' needs. Moreover we were responsible for the further development of several functions in the backend and frontend.

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