picload.org - to upload images fastly and easily

picload.org - to upload images fastly and easily
  • Start:

    February 2007
  • Media data:

    8,768,000 hosted images

    781,265,233 impressions a month
    (State: July 2016)

We always try to generate a combination out of current trends and specific needs and desires of the users with picload.org. We especially attach importance to a user-friendly and clearly structured layout of the website next to the main focus on high availability and fast loading times.

Picload.org has achieved a rapid increase concerning publicity and utilization since the project's taking over in August 2008. picload.org belongs right now to the center span concerning image hosting with more than 20,000,000 (20 million) image impressions everyday.

We completely conduct the further development of the software and the technology's maintenance servicing. Steady optimization works and the enlargement of the company-internal serverfarm as well as the programming of new functions and the analysis and elimination of problems belong to our regulr works on the project.

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