- to shorten and to earn clever - to shorten and to earn clever
  • Start:

    September 2009
  • Terminated:

    September 2013
  • Media data:

    10,203 shorter URLs
    (State: August 2011)

Long URLs often involve a lot of disadvantages. You can only keep them in mind very badly and in chatrooms they are often made unusable because of a complicated punctuation and smilies. This service compresses URLs to an uncomplicated and short format.

Registered users get a recompense for their link request. The recompense is financed through ads. Our target is to recompense indirectly our users' dedication in panels, micro blogging services and portals. That’s why not just the operators of the "participat-internet" profit but also the people who provide the content.

Registered members don't just profit by the recompense, they also get an overview about the popularity of their shorten links. The statistics offer a detailed insight in the success of several URLs and monthly summaries of earnings, requests and ads.

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