The toFOUR GmbH is a company based in Schmalkalden which has specialized in the technical operation and the commercial support of Internet projects. The support with technical challenges, the realization of marketing campaigns and the planning of the corporate communications belong to the tasks of the toFOUR GmbH.

Success consists of the fact that one has exactly the abilities, which are in demand for the moment. Henry Ford
Business - Marketing Business - Product Development

The business has been managed by the managing partners Tim Erdwiens and Markus Görnhardt since the foundation beginning 2009. Their competences are based on the excperience they gained from more than 50 different online marketing projects and the knowledge that they got in the study and in cross-sector assignments. The success of toFOUR GmbH is determined by the interaction of experience and knowledge.

Concise profile

Official business name toFOUR GmbH
Business Activities
  • Planning, development and independant implementation of Internet projects
  • Development, distribution and operation of application software
  • Design and delivery of advertising material or advertising campaigns
  • Management consulting for IT companies
Establishment 2007
Staff 3 employees
3 freelancers
Partners Tim Erdwiens
Markus Görnhardt
Share capital 25,000 euro
Own projects
Trademarks toFOUR
DPMA, register number 302013053216
picload Logo
DPMA, register number 302011056918
DPMA, register number 302008050282
DPMA, register number 302008025046

Freelancers & trainees

We have established a solid staff of professional freelancers consisting of designers, programmers and SEO/SEM specialists on which we can fall back if necessary. We offer interestered pupils and students varied internships or orientation days as an opportunity to look over our the shoulder or even to collaborate on our Internet projects.


Nowadays, strategical and reliable partnerships are essential for a business which likes to offer his clients comprehensive and satisfactory services. No business is able to render all services that the client desires in perfect quality by itself in modern times. That's why we attach importance to strong and competent partners from various fields and branches to reach the optimum for our clients.

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