Robot Information

You have reached this page because our Bot has visited your Web site. Here you can find all the information about our Bot.

What is our Bot?

Our Bot isn't a Web indexing robot, similar to the ones used by search engines. Es handelt sich um einen reinen Entwicklungs- und Test-Robot, der experimentell beispielsweise einzelne Seiten herunter läd, get the response time and analyzes their contents. All requests from this bot are non-malicious. There is no attempt being made to "hack" your website or server.

Data Privacy

The data collected by this bot are private and are not for sale, rental or release. All results will be used only for internal purposes and we make it not ​​available under any circumstances to third parties.

IP addresses

Our Bot is using the IP addresses from the networks 2001:1b60:3:260::1/64 (IPv6) and (IPv4) only. Our bot will use IPv6 unless the destination server forces us to use IPv4.

Contact us

If you cannot find the information about our Bot you need, wish to work for the toFOUR GmbH, or want to come with a general comment to us please use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

0800 99 88 404
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